• My best friend Mike Swearngin
  • I sure miss my friend Camp Cookie
  • Charlie Daniels, Ashton and me. True Patriot
  • Lake Travis High School Fiddler's Sooooo Darn GOOOOD! Go see 'em when you can
  • Drivin' thru Giddiings
  • Camp Cookie Chuckwagon
  • Loose Nut Chuck

Tune in at 10am till 6 every day. I'm trying to make it where we play songs that will be more available anytime you listen and hear the one's you just don't hear everyday. I pray it blesses you as I continue to add more and more of the songs I love.

On this Sunday's get together I have some great new music that will be a blessing.

One is from The Gatlin Brothers and the other is from

Cody Bowen called "Heaven to Me" We'll see ya Sunday smiley

Click on below link for the Wallbuilders Constitution Week DVD offer I told you about last Sunday.

American Family Association DVD Package Link

I'll share more about the wonderful time Karen and I spent with my extended family in Central Missouri. What a great time we had together sharing about my best friend Mike Swearngin.

Contemporary Cowboy Mike Swearngin

Paul Harvey is definitely one of my radio heroes. I've looked at ways to share his awesome messages as I, like many of y'all, loved him too.

I just found a YouTube that has an awesome "Rest of the Story"  that just blessed my socks off! His message back then fits like a glove to today. Just click here to see it.

And now you know the rest of the story.... Good Day

Just Click here for KeyLife and Steve Brown and message I told you about last week.

My prayer it blesses you also.

I just love and have so much fun playin' all these great songs for the show.